Apopka High School in NW Orange County serves 3200 students. The school was founded in what is now Apopka City Hall. In 1950, the school was moved to what is now Apopka Memorial Middle School, and then to its current location in 1976.

Once a rural community, whose economy was based on farming and the numerous greenhouses in the city, Apopka is now a diverse suburb of Orlando and Orange County’s second-largest city (40,000 people). Apopka HS remains a community school, the pride of the city, receiving great support from surrounding businesses and families.

Apopka was a basketball powerhouse in the 1950’s and 1960’s under the leadership of Joe Sterling. Apopka won the state championship in 1962 and runner-up finishes in 1954 and 1963.

Apopka won its first district championship in over thirty years in 2013 with much of the success due to the play of PG Joe Chealey lwho ed that team and now is an All Colonial Athletic Conference player at the College of Charleston.

Past players from Apopka include Dwayne Foreman (c/o 2003) who finished as Georgia Southern’s all-time assist leader, Warren Sapp (’91) who went on to a Hall of Fame career in football, twin forwards Ron and Don Harris, who went on to star in the WWE and WCW and Mark Miller, the lead singer for country music group, Sawyer Brown. Other notable alumni of AHS include Arizona Diamondback pitcher Zack Greinke and highly regarded economist Glenn Hubbard.

Head Coach Scott Williams

Current Team
Apopka H.S.

Apopka High School 2017

Manne BrennanApopka H.S.F
John Lattimer IIIApopka H.S.G
Kayne JonesApopka H.S.G
Earl LombardiApopka H.S.C, F
1Cody GriffinApopka H.S.G
2Rodney LubinApopka H.S.F, G
3Maliek JacksonApopka H.S.F
4Jacob HallApopka H.S.G
5Stacy JonesApopka H.S.G
10Rudy GatlingApopka H.S.G
12Nathan LouisApopka H.S.F
20Keeving EtienneApopka H.S.C
21Zach AndersonApopka H.S.F
22Jai ClarkApopka H.S.G
23Travis HendersonApopka H.S.F
24Michael MiddletonApopka H.S.F